About Thirteen

Thirteen was formed in September 22th, 2006 with their first name Devil May Cry. After Devil May Cry’s MySpace page deleted twice by MySpace because the name is similar with a video game’s name, all members agreed to change the band’s name to Thirteen. The members thought, “Why don’t we just use unlucky number as well, see if it will be deleted too or not?”. By that time, Devil May Cry officially changed to Thirteen. They’re trying to have fun despite of the unlucky number.

At the beginning of the formation, Thirteen occasionally performed from gig to gig and school events either in Jakarta or other cities. It’s also can be said that Thirteen was the first band to perform wearing just boxers at that time. And maybe also the first post hardcore band that had used Overture before performing, where all members danced on stage. This thing became one uniqueness that Thirteen has beside it’s kind of “weird” music because of the mixture of many other music’s, like in the song Cherry Petite Raspberry and Grandma’s Farewell Party.

Lots of supports received have enabled Thirteen to release its first album fast. First album “It’s All About Party, Music, and Friendship” was released in July 19th, 2008. The first album launching event was held at Spazio PIM 2, and attended by around 1000 audiences. 1000 CD albums were sold in one month. The first album is like the buzz that there’s a new kind of music coming in this cutting-edge music scene in Indonesia, cause after that many brand-new band in their town playing the same music as thirteen as well. They are becoming one of the band’s most loved by teenagers in Indonesia.

Three years later after the first album, thirteen has released their second album called Epidemic in 2011. The concept of the music in this album is not really different from the first album, but the feel of the music is more mature. Jakarta Story, one of song from Epidemic Album has been a soundtrack for Jakarta citizen right now. Epidemic Album, beside getting great responses from local audiences, also getting attention from audiences outside Indonesia, like from Japan.

Thirteen has sold around 200 CDs of Epidemic albums in Japan, after two CD stores in Japan ordered Epidemic album directly from Indonesia. Overall thirteen’s album. Epidemic sold around 6000 CDs. While they’re working the new material, unfortunately Thirteen had to be left by some of their member because the left member wants to focus on their personal life outside the band.

On 2014 Thirteen has released a mini album called Undead. This release has been highly anticipated by the Thirteen Army, which is the name of thirteen fans, and this mini album is a proof thirteen existence in music industry after the old member has left the band and the band will always be making new stuff. The band has opened for several international bands like: Misery Signals, The Chariot, Mayday Parade, Story of the Year and The Devil Wears Prada.

After releasing 2 albums and 1 mini album, now thirteen is back with a brand-new formation, Bondry on Guitar, Eponk on Keyboard, Riko on Bass, MP on Drum and their new vocalist Aziz. They have release several single which is “Kosong” (2015) and now they releasing new single “Nyata Berseru” (2017).

Thirteen held tour around Indonesia every year, like in Java, Bali, Sumatra and in 2012 for the first time they had a tour outside Indonesia that is Malaysia and Singapore. In 2014, Thirteen becoming headliners for one of the biggest music show in Kuala Lumpur, Gegey Fest 2014.

Thirteen also held tour in japan on 2016, they are touring in 3 different cities and 4 different shows, along with headliners band from America and another overseas band.


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